Can You Escape My Chastity Lock Game

January 4, 2014 Games | MP3s No Comments

You begged me to put my chastity lock on your dick and then when you masturbated without permission it happened. You’re pathetic cock is stuck inside this CBT3000 chastity device until you figure out the code. You have to guess what it is and that …..


Are You Gay for Me? Game

December 27, 2013 Games | Gay | Images | MP3s No Comments

Are you gay for my lover’s Big Black Cock? It’s so big and hard that it makes your dick look kind of pathetic. Is that why you stare at his dick? I want to see how far you’ll go for me while I show you …..


Truth or Dare for Fem Boys

October 23, 2013 Games | Humiliation No Comments

Do you like playing truth or dare? No matter what you pick, you are going to feel totally humiliated as my cuckold or fem boy. I know you’ll do just about anything for Me, your Princess, that you’ll even embarrass yourself. Go ahead and play …..


The Cuckold Alphabet Humiliation Game

October 13, 2013 Games No Comments

¬†Hello cuckolds. I love men with brains, so why don’t you use some of your own brains to play my unique cuckold humiliation alphabet game. Just because you have a brain doesn’t mean you can’t get humiliated. Each piece of this puzzle has a juicy …..

Cuckold Triangle Scavenger Hunt Game

Cuckold Love Triangle Scavenger Hunt

September 8, 2012 Games No Comments

  Hey you dirty sluts. I know you’re dying to know why I’ve chosen my big black cock boyfriend over my cuckold, aren’t you? Well here you an learn all about our little relationship by playing a scavenger hunt game from my website. You’ll learn …..