A Humiliating Holiday Assignment for Men

December 20, 2013 Assignments | MP3s No Comments

You’re such a little fool for me! I love the way you look in your holiday clothes, but I think you’re going to look better in a pair of holiday panties with a nice little twist. This year you’re going to get sticky sweet in …..

Open Wide! It's your 12 day cum guzzler assignment

Twelve Day CUM GUZZLER Assignment

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Open wide you nasty man! It’s you’re 12-day cum guzzling assignment. I know you’ll do anything for me so when you follow all these steps in this assignment you are going to find yourself as a true cum guzzler. It will make you feel like …..


Dildo Sucking Assignment

April 8, 2012 Assignments No Comments

I want you to pop this into your mp3 player and get ready to pop that dildo into your mouth! I know you love sucking and you just won’t always admit to it, but that is why you call me all the time. You can’t …..